Mississippi Premier Inspections uses the latest technology in our home inspections. Doing so allows us to get into the places which are typically difficult to access in order to give you the most complete home inspection possible. Humans can be limited, but technology can go where man cannot. Mississippi Premier Inspections likes to stay up to date with the latest tools and technology so that we can provide you with a complete and thorough report.

Why Get a Home Inspection?
Having a home inspection is important because they allow the buyer, seller, or homeowner to see and understand what repairs the property may be in need of before purchasing or selling the home. Mississippi Premier Inspections takes great care in showing the buyer, seller, or homeowner exactly what the house looks like both inside and out, so there is no doubt what the home needs in terms of repairs. And, we like to use tools to help us give you an even more thorough report, such as thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging cameras pick up different temperatures which alert us to changes within these hard-to-see areas and potential hazardous problems within a home inspection.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging During Inspections

  • Detection of possible water leaks in foundations, walls, attics, and any other hard-to-see places
  • Detection of heat loss
  • Identification of pest infestations
  • Identification of possible mold issues
  • Identification of missing insulation
  • Alerts to possible electrical issues
  • Identification of HVAC problems
  • Thermal Imaging and Why it’s Important in a Home Inspection
  • Thermal imaging is important during a home inspection because it’s a very non-invasive way to see what potential areas mentioned above require immediate attention or will be a costly repair in the near future.
  • Thermal imaging shows us what is not noticeable to the naked eye. It uses infrared technology to pick up this unseen thermal energy which can alert us to any problems in the walls, roof, or the structure of the house.

Mississippi Premier Inspections and Your Home Inspection
Mississippi Premier Inspections has certified home inspectors who will go through each step of the home inspection with you and teach more than you’ll anticipate. And if you cannot attend the inspection, a detailed report will be given to you which includes videos and photos showing you exactly what we saw during the inspection.

Be sure to schedule your home inspection with Mississippi Premier Inspections today!